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POP Cosmetics and NYX Milk Swatches & Review

Hi all,

I recently purchased some bits from POP cosmetics from ASOS. It came as a set of four items for £14.It contained a face primer, nail polish, lip stain and eyeliner.

The reason I purchased was for the primer as I needed a new one and I had read some quite good reviews on this product.

The shade was gentle glow and as you can see above it contains 27ml of product. I couldn't find it in many places in the UK on its own but I found it here for £19.03 so this set from ASOS was a bargain.

I am in love with this primer. It gives my skin such a gorgeous glow, I wouldn't necessarily consider it to be a primer but more of a radiance enhancing cream. However I do feel comfortable enough to wear this on its own without a foundation and it does seem to mattify my quite oily skin. 

I was quite happy the set contained a lip stain as I have been eyeing up these in various brands but never really wanted to spend £8 on something that wouldn't work for me. I love lipsticks but can never be bothered to wear them as I never have time to keep checking my mirror to make sure it hasn't made its way onto my teeth or started to fade so these lipstains seemed like a fab idea for me although I was concerned that they may make my already quite dry lips even drier.

 The colour in the set was petal pout. I put it on and was pleasantly surprised. It went on really easily, was very pigmented and the colour lasted a while. The only negative I have was that it did seem to be quite sticky for a while and did take some time to dry. I will definitely be trying some more lip tints as they really brightened up my look and didn't have the upkeep that would be needed with a lipstick or gloss. This is priced at £9.00 alone on the ASOS website, you can find them here

The eyeliner is very highly pigmented although I do find that its not the longest lasting eyeliner I have ever tried and its quite difficult to get a super fine line as the tip isn't that fine, if you like a thicker line this would be perfect but not if you want something that is going to last all day. This is out of stock with ASOS at the moment but is priced at £10 normally. linky

This is the thinest line I could achieve with the liner.

Finally the nail polish, I wasn't expecting much from this polish to be honest, but I have to say its fantastic! It goes on so well the colour is great and my nails were covered in 1 coat. I've had it on for 2 days with no top coat and it stills looks like I've just put it on. Not a chip in sight and thats after a session in the gym. This is priced at £6.50 on the ASOS website and is in the shade pinkest

 (apologies for the awful picture, I also have some gold glitter polish on there as you can see, my current nail polish remover is awful and if anyone knows a good way of getting glitter polish off please let me know)

All in all I would definitely recommend this set, you can find it here on ASOS I opted for the free delivery and it arrived within 2 days.

I have to say I'm truly impressed with POP, I've seen a couple of items before but never really bothered to try them but I will definitely keeping an eye for more products from them. 

You can also buy POP cosmetics directly from their website here

Do you have any items from POP cosmetics? I'd love to know what you have and what you think of them.

Next up we have the milk jumbo pencil from NYX. I have seen so many blog posts, reviews and youtube videos on this product and have been dying to get my hands on it for a while so I took the plunge and ordered it. You can purchase them from the NYX website. They are priced at £4.50 but the shipping is also £4.50 which is quite expensive if you are only wanting one or two items. Shipping is free if you spend over £50.00.

Now onto the review

Now the name of the product slightly gives it away, it really is a jumbo eye pencil. Alot of people have raved about using this as a base for eyeshadow. I tried to do this put I found that it creased terribly, it just didn't work for me at all until I tried it as a brow highlighter and in my tear duct, it looks so good. It really brightens up my eye area and its the only thing I have found for me that personally works to to make me eyes look bigger. The fact that it doesn't work as a base really doesn't bother me even though thats what I purchased it for. I'm so happy with the way it makes my eyes look, I also used it on my water line and it lasted me all day. I don't think I will be purchasing any more of the colours as they don't work on my eyelids so I think this is the only colour that would be of any use to me. I will however be purchasing more NYX items as I think they are really good value and good quality.

Hope you enjoyed my reviews. If you have any comments or if you can give me any tips on getting the jumbo pencil to work on my lids I would be very interested to hear them.

Hope you all had a fab weekend.

Lots of Love

CF x x x

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