Saturday, 14 July 2012

Budget vs High End mascara

Hi all,

So I recently purchased the Lancome Doll Eyes mascara, it set me back £21 so I figured it must be pretty good. I already had the Hypnose Drama and loved it so expected to feel the same way about this one. I didn't. I'm so sad to say that I really hate it, I feel like it clumps and doesn't really do much for my lashes. I also really don't like the wand at all. I'm really disappointed that I paid so much money for something I really dislike. So I decided to go on a quest for a cheaper alternative, I was looking at the Rimmel mascaras which were around £7.00 each but then decided rather than buy 1 mascara at £7.00 I would buy 3 cheaper ones for the same price and see how they compared. Here are the results

Here are the lashes side by side. Number 1 is bare lashes. I didn't curl them I just left them natural for all the pictures. 

The mascaras I used were

Lancome Doll Eyes - £21
NYC Sky Rise - £2.49
MUA Extreme Volume Mascara - £2
Natural Collection LashLength Mascara - £1.99

They are not in the order above as they are in the picture. I will tell you at the end which is which but I would like you to decide which you one think is better.

So have you made your mind up yet? Answers are below

1. Naked lashes
2. MUA
3. NYC
4. Natural Collection
5. Lancome

So did you get it right or were you surpised. I'd love you to leave a comment below letting me know which ones you thought were which.

Lots of Love 

CF x x x


  1. I'm so suprised! I totally thought the MUA one was the best, and 2nd the natural collection.
    I'm really schocked at the lacome one! for the price! crazy.
    what a great post :)

  2. Oh wow, the Natural Collection one looks amazing!


  3. just goes to show that paying more doesn't necessarily give you more! by the way, i nominated/tagged your blog for a Liebster Blog Award ;)---> x