Tuesday, 3 July 2012

MUA palettes review

Hi all,

I have recently purchased a couple of palettes from MUA, two of the newer ones. The undressed palette and the going for gold palette. Both cost £4.00 and were ordered from the MUA website.

The reason I placed the order was for the undressed palette. It has been said that its a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (I will be doing a comparison post on these two shortly). I guess this is what MUA were trying to achieve as they have called it the undressed palette, undressed, naked geddit! Very clever MUA :-)

So onto photos and swatches

Undressed Palette, how pretty are these colours

 Swatches of top row of shades

Swatches of bottom row of shades

As you can see this palette contains 12 eyeshadows with a mixture of matt and shimmer. The only two matt shades are the third and fifth shade on the top row. One of the matts isn't particularly pigmented so I don't think I will get too much use out of this, the second matt shade is a little better. The shimmers on the other hand are absolutely beautiful, they are incredibly pigmented, blend easily and last all day with a primer. This palette is great for neutral lovers but there are still a couple of darker shades for creating a gorgeous smokey eye. Overall I give this palette a 9.5/10, it would have been an easy 10 if it wasn't for the lack of pigmentation on one of the matt shades.

 Going for gold palette

 Top row of shades
Bottom row of shades

This palette was designed to celebrate the 2012 Olympics, so the palette is made up of golds, silvers and bronzes. This palette is different to the others that MUA have released, it has square pans instead of round and it only has 10 shadows instead of twelve, however both palettes do contain 9.6g of product even though there are only 10 they still contain the same amount as the others. The whole palette is made up of shimmer colours so if you prefer matts this palette is not for you. Each and every colour is pigmented and so easy to blend. I really can't wait to try out some different looks with this palette. I definitely give this palette a big fat 10/10 I love every colour and for £4.00 I think its a steal!

Overall I love both of these palettes, I think they are perfect for people who like to experiment but perhaps don't have the budget to stretch to the Urban Decay palettes but don't want to compromise on quality. If this sounds like you then I would say give these a try. I looked in my local Superdrug but they didn't have these palettes in stock. I'm not sure if they had sold out or if it was just they hadn't brought them into that particular store. I ordered online and they arrived within 2 days which I think is fab and much quicker than some other much bigger companies that I have ordered from.

Well done MUA on two absolutely, stupendously, amzazingly, beautiful palettes!!!

Hope you enjoyed, if you have either of these palettes and have done any looks with them I would love to see for ideas.

See you all soon

Lots of Love

CF x x x


  1. I really like MUA palettes too, I have Glamour Days and Starry Night (I think? something like that..) and I love them both. I want the undressed sooooo bad, it looks gorgeous and especially seeing as it similar to the Naked ;)

  2. I think MUA have really stepped it up on the undressed palette. The Heaven and Earth was really good but this is amazing! x x