Sunday, 24 June 2012

Products I regret buying

Hi all,

Just a quick one for today, I've purchased two products recently that I really wanted to share with you as I have had some problems with them. 

First is this Pure Cucumber Eye Roll-On, I purchased this from Home Bargains for 99p, to be honest its my own fault for thinking that something you put on your eye for less than a quid would be a good idea. I gave this a go and boy did this sting. I was actually in agony it burned, it stung and made my eyes water. I do have sensitive skin and eyes so this may be why. I think because it says pure and cucumber I thought I would be ok. I was wrong. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone as it was excruciatingly painful and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It really hurt. I would say spend a bit more and get a Garnier one if its something you want to purchase.

Next up I found these at Tesco, from memory I think they were two for £1.00. I used these to remove my make up. I have since been informed that face wipes are bad for your skin so have stopped using wipes altogether, however these in particular not only burned my face and brought me out in a nasty rash, they also gave me an eye infection. This hurt like hell and looked disgusting. I struggled to wear eye make up for a couple of days and washing my face took forever as I had to be super careful to not catch my eye. Again because they said fragrance free and suitable for all skin types I thought I was OK, how wrong I was. I have to say lesson learned, when it comes to my face and yes I definitely wont be bargain hunting and only going for things that I have used in the past. 

Once again please take a look at my previous post I would be so glad if you could help me with this. I will also be linking your blog to your picture so anyone who reads can see your blog. 

See you all soon

Lots of love

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  1. gREAT post!!!!!!!!
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  2. I've got sensitive skin and I find that the products that say dermatologically tested or extra sensitive and kind to skin are the ones that I react too! I had an awful reaction to a charcoal face wash but so far this eye roll on has been ok. I'm not currently using any other product on my face so maybe it reacted with something else you've used at the same time. I had a reaction once when I used oxy face wipes at night and then wiped my face with baby wipes in the morning. You'd think with using them ten hours apart and both being for sensitive skin it wouldn't have caused a reaction but my face was on fire! A dose of piriton brought it down quickly. Always handy to have a bottle in for emergencys.