Saturday, 19 November 2011

GOSH Christmas Gift Set

Hi all,

I've been doing  alot of Christmas shopping over the last couple of weeks and I've picked up a couple of gift sets for people, some have been on 3 for 2 and because  I would feel really mean giving someone a free present I have kept the free ones for myself (OK I don't really feel mean but I need an excuse to keep them).

The first gift set I will be reviewing is the GOSH Gold Eyes Set from Superdrug, this set is priced at £9.99 so if you were to purchase three they would cost just under £7.00 each.

The set comes with a gold eyeshadow, a gold semi permanent eyeliner and a mascara in black.

The first thing I took out was the gold eyeshadow, it looks super pretty in the pan but I found it to be really sheer, you can build it up a little but it still  didn't appear as gold as I would have liked on my lids. The eyeshadow is very soft and is easy to blend, excellent if you only want a subtle gold colour.

Next was the semi permanent eyeliner in gold. I am in love with this eyeliner, when I first took the brush out I thought it looked really thick and gloopy and I was a little concerned about applying it but it went on like a dream. Its like liquid gold, its absolutely stunning and is going to be used to death over the Christmas period. When they say semi permanent they do mean it, it took quite a bit to get this stuff off my lid even with my Lancome Bi-Facil make up remover which, for me removes even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara, this liner wont budge at all which will be great when I'm out until the early hours over Christmas.

Finally was the mascara, this is described as a high precision mascara, it has a cone shaped wand and just looking I would have thought this mascara would have been great. The claims are that the cone shaped brush makes it easy to define every single Eye Lash from root to tip. Does it live up to this claim? Ermmm no, not really, I have to say I was fairly disappointed. I felt it just made my lashes feel really stiff and like they could snap off. I wasn't really that impressed with it. However I will use it just because I hate waste and it will be fine for one coat when I'm going to work but it certainly doesn't give the WOW factor I like when I'm going out.

There was also a little leaflet type thing with a very basis guide to using the make up. I have to be honest this really isn't worth the paper its printed on. This may sound harsh but its incredibly basic and nothing that most people wouldn't know anyway.

All in all I think the gift set itself looks nice, it looks like its worth more than the £6 odd that it is but for someone who may like their make up a lot they may not be totally impressed with the actual quality of the make up. Would I purchase this again, Yes I would, the only reason for this is that I am totally in love with the eyeliner and I can't find them on sale on there own. I would be more than happy to pay over £7.00 for this item on its own.

I hope you will find this review useful, if you have any more questions about this set just ask :-)

Lots of Love CF x x x