Sunday, 15 April 2012

Nail Polish Collection

Hi all,

My husband has recently been having a bit of a moan about my growing nail polish collection, he thinks I have too many, I on the other hand think you can never have enough. So I decided to do a little post with my collection of nail polishes. Please comment below and agree with me that I don't have too many so I can show the other half and get him to shut up! :-)

Here we have the purples, I've tried to put them all in the correct categories according to the name but some of them I would personally say they should be in a different section, clearly the manufacturers disagree.My favourite from these are the Models Own, I love this I think it will be so cute for summer and the Accessorize on the bottom right.

REDS, ok they look orange on this awful picture but I can assure you they are all very red. Favourite of these is the glittery models own, it looks like Dorothys ruby slippers. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Greens. Again loving the Models Own, everyone comments on how prettyful this one is and I agree, its gorge!

Oranges. Not really big into oranges as you can tell by the lack of them but favourite of these would be either fruit loop by Collection 2000 (although you do need at least 3 coats to get a decent colour) or the W7, really bright and only needs 1-2 coats to be opaque.

Blues. Aww poor blues, how pathetic looking. I really don't like any of these, I don't like blue nails and I have no idea why I purchased these.

Pinkety pinks. Some of these again look orange but there not. My favourite out of these is the Sally Hansen HD polish, I love the colour, it only takes 1-2 coats and its really chip resistant.

Golds (and 1 silver) - I bought the golds around Christmas time, my favourite is the ELF, I love this polish I really want to buy some more of the ELF polishes, I just need to get round to placing an order.

Whites. I really like white polishes but I am yet to find a decent one. All of these (apart from the art deco) aren't that good, they chip really bad and you need loads of coats to get a decent colour.

Black, grey/silver and a random brown colour. Ermmm yeah, they're grey, they're not very interested. I'm not particularly into these, I quite like the Miss Sporty one but don't really wear them that much.

Top/base coats and  nail treatments. I love love love the Nails Inc Albert Bridge top coat, it dries so quickly and leaves my nails super glossy. It also helped chip prone nail polishes to last longer! I really can't say enough about this product I love it.

Finally, some random polishes that I found after I had taken all the photos, my favourite out of these is probably the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro. Its blue but looks black when you have it on your nails and blue in certain lights, its really pretty.

So here is my collection, counting all the above I have 103 and no doubt some strays around my house. I don't think this is excessive at all. I have a couple on the way to me that have been ordered online and have no intention of stopping :-) 

Hope you enjoyed, don't forget to comment below and agree with me ;-)

thanks for reading

Lots of Love

CF x x x


  1. Good collection. Cameras drive me mad. None of my neons showed up how they look n real life, and I have a pretty decent camera. Buy a filing cabinet for your polishes. Men don't look in filing cabinets.

  2. Haha love it Claire, great idea on the filing cabinet! x x