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Make up collection/storage

Hi all,

I love looking through peoples blogs at their collection and storage videos, to see what make up they have and also to get some ideas on how to store mine so I thought I would do a little post on mine. Hopefully someone will be able to give me some ideas on how I can store my make up as its currently less than ideal. My room isn't the largest in the world so I have very limited room to put storage. I've been looking at some on Ikea so hoping to rearrange some things to make room but if anyone has any ideas it would be muchly appreciated :-) 

Ok so lets start, first off this is my area, I had to buy a computer desk, it was advertised as a narrow desk which is what I needed as the space it needed to fit in was much smaller than real dressing tables and this fitted perfectly. 

Above my dressing table you can see a lovely piece of artwork, here is a close up view.

This was done by my little boy when he was about two, I let him loose with paint and glitter and this is what he came up with,  what better place to put it than above my make up :-)

I did want a huge mirror but limited space did not allow it, I found this one at Ikea for about £8.00 and it does the job just fine, plus I think it looks quite nice so I'm happy

To the right I have an acrylic desk tidy that I purchased from Asda, it was really cheap and holds a fair bit.

Here is what I keep in here

I absolutely adore the ELF Studio blushes and I think they are a bargain at £3.50. The MUA ones from Superdrug are also quite good, and for £1 you can afford to try colours that you maybe are a bit unsure of. The two round ones are Astor blushes which are also fab.

 Here we have some random eye products, ELF eyelid primers, Urban Decay eyeliner a few pencil liners and also a few liquid liners. Always good to have to hand.

Next up I have a little pot from Poundland which I keep all the brushes that don't fit in my brush roll.

These are a mixture of ELF, Fraulein, Ruby & Millie and a couple that the names have rubbed off and I can't for the life of me remember what they are.

I also keep on my table the little box my son made me for mothers day which included a note, a little painted heard and a chocolate. He's such a cutie :-)

I keep a little bucket of polishes to hand also, just the ones I like to use often. The Essie grow richer, Nails Inc Albert Bridge and various colours that I use day to day.

Here are my new skin care products that I am in love with, its the Nspa 4 step range, there are various options for each step. I have really sensitive skin and there are so many brands I can't use on my face such as Olay, Clarins, L'oreal and most Avon foundations but these are great, they leave my skin feeling so clean and soft and I have found that my skin is alot less oily since using them. Also just a cheap eye make up remover from ASDA - young skin, HA wishful thinking there! but it is an ok product, it does its job so I'm happy

On the top of my wooden IKEA boxes we have the below

I have a couple of Acrylics cosmetics holders from Home Bargains, they were a bargainous 99p each, one holds lip products that I use daily and the other holds various nail products. The teddy is was my husband bought me for valentines day. I love these teddies with big eyes they are just too cute!

Here is a desk organiser from B&M again was about 99p and I use it to store my palettes. It actually holds loads for the size of it, here is what the front section holds

Its the blink & go palette, 17 palette, Urban Decay Preen palette, an Avon palette and an MUA palette

Back Sections holds

NYX palette, this was the first NYX item I purchased and I love the quality of it, the eyeshadows are so pigmented and last all day with a primer.

 Here we have an MUA Palette, Look Book, No 7 palette and a Front Cover palette.

And finally an ELF beauty book. I think thats a lot of items in a small desk organiser!

Okie dokie, so next up we have the top pull out drawer this holds my wipes, cotton pads, tissues, brush roll, real techniques brushes, a few Eco Tools brushes and my kleenex tissues. 

I recently did a big clear out of my wooden IKEA storage as I couldn't close the drawers they were that full. So now they are pretty empty as I got rid of ALOT of make up. Some of the drawers are empty so here are some pics of the drawers that actually contain items :-)

Here we have my face masks, I love the Montagne Jeunesse masks, they smell gorge and they leave my skin feeling lovely.

Current foundations and tinted moisturisers in use. I have a really bad habit of using a different foundation everyday depending on how I feel so I end up with about 10 on the go.

In the bottom drawer we have random single eyeshadows and mascaras, I actually hardly ever use singles, I always reach for my palettes when doing my eyes yet when I go shopping I will ALWAYS buy single eyeshadows, don't ask my why I really should stop.

and finally we have the cupboard at the bottom which has to be the WORST way to store make up ever, this is what I need help with, not only does it look ugly its a real pain to have to keep pulling out everytime I want something that I don't use everyday.

Theres my electrical hair products to 1 side, this is my Nicky Clarke dryer and straightener and my Tresemme curling wand, then we have 4 boxed which contain different types of products.

First box is the 'random box' basically a bit of a mix of everything that I'm not too sure where to put so it just ends up in this box

It also contains products that my skin doesn't like which will eventually make their way over to my mum or my sister who will happily try them out and use them if they can. The top picture shows the Eylure Dylash, this is probably one of the worst products I have ever purchased. I thought I would try and save myself a bit of money by getting this rather than having my brows tinted at the salon, didn't work at all. It made no difference whatsoever and I followed the instructions exactly. 

Next up we have the nail box, this has my polishes and nail gems

3rd box contains lip products, lipsticks, balms and glosses

I'm not really a huge fan of lip products so don't have that much. I'm more of a bit of balm and go kinda girl so do rally only have a few lipsticks although I am starting to buy and use them a little more recently.

4th and final box contains face products. Face powders, bronzers, various blushes etc

Ok, so that's my make up collection/storage, if anyone has any ideas on how I can store my make up that's not a stack of lidded boxes please let me know I'd love to hear any ideas or tips you might have.

Also if you have your collections or storage posts on your blog link me to it, I'd love to take a look.

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend.

Lots of Love

CF x x x

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