Saturday, 28 April 2012

L'oreal Lumi Maqique Foundation Review

Hi all,

I purchased this foundation a couple of weeks ago now but I thought I would give it a good trial before reviewing. I purchased it from Boots, they currently have an offer on of 2 for £14 on selected L'oreal products. The foundation was £10.99 on its own so I picked up the true match foundation for £9.99 to get the offer. A total saving of £6.98. 

I'd read a few reviews on this foundation before buying and the majority of people who had tried it seemed to give it really good reviews, I will admit that I was quite sceptical as I've never been a huge fan of L'oreal make up but thought for the price it was worth a shot.
The foundation comes in a glass bottle which I think looks quite nice, the product is dispensed by a pump which doesn't give out too much product when you press down fully and its quite easy to control the amount you get out which is good. I've had some in the past and you end up with about 3 times as much product as you need, such a waste! 
So the first morning I used it I put it on over my Revlon Photoready primer, it blends into your skin really easily and the match to my skin is perfect, this was quite surprising as I really struggle to find foundations to match my incredibly pale skin.

 The formula is really light and doesn't make your face feel caked in make up but it gives fantastic coverage, I found that I only need to use a very small amount of concealer under my eyes with this foundation as it covers up any redness on my face. I popped some powder over the top and my skin really did look flawless. It lasted until I got home from work without the need to apply anything else all day. I put it on at 6.30am and got back at 4pm and it was still perfect. 
The following day I was in a rush and didn't have time to use my powder but I still found that it lasted all day. This is surprising as I have quite oily skin on my forehead and nose so usually do need powder to help eliminate this. 
I honestly can't see any down sides to this product, I love the coverage, the colour and the lasting power and a little does go a long way so I can see this lasting me for some time. I'll be recommending it to all my friends, I really think L'oreal have come up with a great product here and it will definitely be a repeat purchase of mine.


Hope your all having a fantastical weekend

Lots of Love

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