Saturday, 28 April 2012

ELF Glossy Glosses

Hi all,

ELF recently did a promotion on one of their products, the Glossy Glosses, they are normally priced at £3.50 but if you spent over £20 they were only £1. I picked up 8 of these babies. I have wanted to try them for a while but never got round to picking any up but for £1 each I couldn't not order. 

So here is what I thought. Pigmentation wise I think they are just right for a gloss, they aren't sheer in colour at all and even the lighter shades give a really good amount of colour. If your looking for a very sheer gloss with a slight hint of colour I don't think these are for you, you will see on my swatches further down that that they do have good pigmentation.
I didn't get much of a scent from them which I like, I hate overly artificially scented lip gloss, they always make me feel a bit sick and then I end up not wearing them, they each have either a slightly fruit or vanillary (I have no idea if vanillary is a word, but it is now!) 
I didn't find them to be sticky at all which I am so glad about. I was slightly worried that they might be sticky but they aren't at all. The applicator is a brush which personally I am not overly keen on but I can live with it due to me liking the product so much, this isn't really a negative on the glosses just my own personal taste.

I'm really glad I picked these up and I think they will definitely be my go to lipglosses at the moment. The quality for them is excellent and I would happily pay the full price of £3.50 for them. I've put some swatches below so you can see the colours.

From L-R  

Berry blush

Ballet slippers

Sweet salmon

Pink candy

Muted mauve

Tangy tangerine


Wild watermelon

And as an extra special treat for you all I smushed them all together so you could see what they looked like, oh how I spoil you.

Hope you enjoyed. You can purchase these glosses here on the ELF website.

Lots of Love

CF x x x


  1. looks like a great bargain!
    Those shades looks fabulous too :-)

  2. I have always overlooked these somehow when i do my elf orders, i think i might give them a try now :) x