Sunday, 29 April 2012

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color - Intense Copper Review

Hi all,

I've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now but I've been trying to find a colour that I would like and that I wouldn't want to change after 5 minutes. I've had my hair quite a few colours, black, blue, red, purple and black to name a few but its currently a dark brown quite close to my natural colour but a bit darker.
I went into Superdrug today and saw the Garner Nutrisse Ultra colours were on offer at £7.99 for two (or £5.10 each) and on the pack it shows that you can do it on dark hair. Ideally I don't want to bleach my hair so I thought I'd try them out.
The box promises
  • Ultra vivid shiny copper red
  • Extremely long-lasting colour result
  • Intensely nourished, healthy-looking hair
Sounds good to me, hopefully it will live up to its claims.

 The pack includes
  • 1 applicator bottle of developer creme
  • 1 tube of nourishing colour creme
  • 1 bottle of nourishing after colour conditioner
  • 1 pair of gloves and an instructional leaflet
You apply the product to dry hair and leave on for 25 minutes, 35 if you have lots of greys or resistant hair.

Here is my hair before (excuse the kinks, its been tied up all day and its been raining so its a bit of a mess)

I left this on for 35 minutes, I don't have any greys or resistant hair I just hoped it would intensify the colour a little more.

Here is a picture of the results

Again apologies for the mess I jumped out the shower, blow dried within 5 minutes of getting the dye off. As you can see not much of a change. I have to say I'm slightly disappointed, its nothing like the packet, I wont be using these again, however it has left my hair feeling really soft and silky and not dry at all which is good, if it had dried my hair out I would have been gutted. 

Overall I give this product a 2/10 the 2 is purely for how soft if has made my hair and I give nothing for the colour. I can see a slight difference but its nothing like what it says on the box, now don't get me wrong I know that the colour never ends up exactly like it says but this is NOTHING like it.

Hope you all enjoyed my little review

Lots of Love

CF x x x

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