Wednesday, 23 May 2012

So, its been a while!

Hi all,

Its been a while since my last post. I have been working like crazy and have barely had time to sleep let alone blog. Today has been my first day that I've been able to just chill and have a bit of time to myself so what could be more relaxing than doing my blog. 
As I've been away for a while I thought I would do a quick post on all the things I have accumulated from the last post to today. Some are purchases and some are freebies (gotta love a freebie!) So lets get right into it.

First up is a purchase/freebie I popped into Debenhams to have a quick look and my lovely husband said he would treat me to some new make up. Bless him! I picked up the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation in shade 01 and the Doll Eyes Mascara in black, for purchasing two items I also receive all the other items you see here. Bargain! There was a mini hypnose mascara, a 50ml toner, 5ml skin corrector, 5ml youth activating serum, full size lip gloss, 50ml cleansing milk and 15ml Hydrazen moisturizer (this isn't pictured as I don't have it with me right now) I love the foundation, it leaves my face lookng flawless and I don't need to touch up throughout the day, although I do need to use a mattifying primer first or I find my face gets a little oily after a few hours. I have found that the 17 matt primer works a treat and keep me shine free all day. I haven't used the mascara as of yet as I am still working my way through another Hypnose Drama, although I am extremely excited to try it out, Lancome mascaras always impress me.Also loving the toner, cleaning milk and moisturizer, these will definitely be on my repurchase list. I have extremely sensitive skin and find that even natural products make my skin sore and give me a rash but I have been using these for around a week now and no rash or soreness just lovely soft healthy looking skin. 

At the same time I purchased my Lancome I also came across a tiny Helen E stand, I went over to have a look as they had loads of make up on display, the extremely lovely woman at the counter told me about a £10 goodie bag that they were doing, she showed me what the bag included and I just had to snap one of these babies up. It includes a cream and concealer duo (this alone on the Helen E website is £16.50) a pigment eyeshadow in copper, a lipstick pencil in nectar and (not pictured) a black pencil liner. The concealer is great for under eyes and I can't wait to use the cream for summer months when I don't want to plaster heavy foundation on my face. The colour of the eyeshadow is also gorgeous and it was actually this that made me go for the bag, she swatched it on her hand and it was stunning, will do swatches on another post for all these items as the pencil lipstick is also gorgeous. I honestly thought this would be the dud of the bag but I am happy to admit when I am wrong and I was so wrong. Its a gorgeous colour that I think would look great on most skin tones, its not drying at all, in fact its quite moisturing and it also lasts a long time. The bag also included a £10 off a £35 spend on the Helen E website. Will be using this when I get paid at the end of the month as they have some lovely looking products on their website.

I received this bad boy in the post today. From the letter enclosed I have signed up to do a trial and review, I think this must have been a while ago as I don't rememer this at all, however I am really excited to try it, I love body moisturisers. I think this is a full size item, its 200ml so if its not its a huge sample size! :-) will do a review on this once I have tried this out properly and let you know what I think.

I also picked up a Bella Pierre set from TK Maxx, this was priced at £7.99 and came with a foundation in Ivory, a blush in Desert Rose, an eyeshadow in Resonance (bright pink), a black mascara and a clear lip gloss. Thought this was a bit of a bargain as the mascara alone is £19.99 on the BP website. I actually only wanted the set for the foundation and blusher so will do reviews on both of these when I get round to using them.

Apologies for the quality of the pics, I was taking the pics just as it was turning dark so the pics aren't the best. Anyway I picked these up from Superdrug as they have a 3 for 2 promotion on all cosmetics, these lipsticks were priced at £1.49 so I got 3 for £2.98. I have tried these lipsticks before and do really like them, they don't dry out my lips, they don't have any nasty taste and they have some lovely colours. I picked up Blue Rose, Snow Cone and Fragile Pink. I'm going to put up swatches shortly as I just love these. The Blue Rose has become my new favourite lipstick ever. 

 Another freebie with the Smashbox primer, I signed up for their newsletter and was sent this little sample primer. I haven't tried it yet but I think I will wait until I get a bit more colour to my face as it looks quite dark. I swatched a bit on my hand and to be honest I wasn't that impressed so from first impressions I don't think it is something that I would purchase.

Tesco were also doing 3 for 2 on cosmetics so I took advantage and picked up some Vivo products. I got three eyeshadows, I got 1 matt shade in Sandstorm and 2 pearl eyeshadows, one in Espresso and 1 in Pale Gold. The two pearl shades are really pretty and really pigmented, the matt shade not so much but I have come to exect this with budget brand matt eyeshadows. I also picked up 2 bronzers in Healthy Glow and Sun Kiss, both gorgeous shades, the Healthy Glow is more of a highlighter I would say, or thats what I have been using it for anyway. I can't wait to use these when I have a bit more colour. I think they will look lovely with a bit of a tan.

 ELF were having a promotion over the weekend, you could choose either free shipping and a gloss or a 6 in 1 beauty to go set. I opted for the free shipping. I picked the Complete coverage concealer in light, the brow kit in medium, a set of powder puffs and an eyeliner brush. The lipgloss pictured was free with the order. All this cost £10.00 delivered which I think it pretty good! Really looking forward to trying the brow kit.

 And Finally I found that H&M do nail polishes. I have seen the make up a few times but have avoided due to the quality not looking that great but these were by the tills and I couldn't help but grab a few. Above the polishes are some swatches on my colour wheel, the shades are purple glitter, lime and aqua splash. I haven't used these on my nails yet but I love the colours, they went on my colour wheel nicely so I'm hoping they do the same on my nails, the two smaller polishes on the left were opaque after 2 coats, the glitter needed 4 coats before it really built up a good glittery finish and to be honest its still not as much as I like. It will probably look better layered over another polish. These were £0.99 for the smaller ones and £1.49 for the aqua splash. panch

Hope you enjoyed my little haul.

If you have any questions or would like a review on any of the products above just let me know

Lots of Love

CF x x x

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