Friday, 11 May 2012

My new storage!

Hi all,

I am so excited to do this post. I have been looking around recently for some new storage for my rapidly growing make up collection  and after spotting this on a few other blogs I decided it was the one for me. I was working late so sent my husband to Ikea to pick up the Helmer cabinet, I gave him a list of everything I was including the codes and put a list down of the colour I wanted. There is a choice of three colours, either white, silver or red, I told him I wanted white or silver, he came back with red. Doh! typical bloke! Although its tucked nicely away in my wardrobe out of sight so I'm not too fussed about it being red and actually think it looks quite nice (although I will NEVER admit this to him, especially after my sulk) 

Here are the colours available

(pictures borrowed from the Ikea website)

These bad boys are priced at a very reasonable £24.99 each and hold a lot of items as you will see further down considering their size. They come flat packed but are fairly easy to assemble. I had a look on Youtube and you can find some videos of people putting them together if you are struggling. 

I also found that there is another product that Ikea sell that fits perfectly into these drawers and makes for some great dividers. They are called Antonius and are a bargainous £1.60 each

You can find these here on the Ikea website and they really do fit perfectly into the drawers

Here is my Helmer 

And here are the contents

Its not quite right yet but I have just tried to divide them into nails, face, eyes, lips and palettes. It took me six hours (yes SIX) to sort out my make up and get it into the drawers. I ended up throwing away so many items that I just know I will never use, that definitely a bonus. I would never have got round to sorting through if I wasn't putting them into this. I have 1 empty drawer left over. I can't decide what to put in here yet but I'm sure something will end up in there eventually.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone, if you have room for one and you have a lot of make up that your not quite sure where to put these will be great for you. The only reason mine is in my wardrobe is due to lack of space in my room, if I had more I would be more than happy to have this out on display, well if it wasn't the red one that is. 

Hope you all enjoyed.

Have a great weekend.

Lots of Love

CF x x x


  1. this is amazing, i love how everything can have its own little compartment..oh wow I'm such a monica!
    LV x

  2. Thank you for this post - I've been looking for something like this for awhile. Will definitely be purchasing one of these!

  3. I'm certainly going to send my other half to Ikea to get those drawer inserts rather than just chucking it all in! It looks so organised and pretty I want to get right in there and start using it all lol

    Jenni x

  4. I love this!