Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Calvin Klein Mini Lipglosses Swatches/Review

Hi all,

I picked up a set of 5 mini Calvin Klein lipglosses today. They were such pretty colours and they were mini, everything looks better when its smaller :-) 

Here are the glosses

How pretty are they? they are just as pretty on aswell here are some swatches

From L-R - Sparkle, Atomic, Cupid, Dew Drop and Silverado

These are such lovely colours, they're quite glittery but so pigmented. Unfortunately they are possibly the stickiest glosses I have ever tried. My lips were actually sticking together. I personally cannot stand sticky glosses so I can't get past this and wont be able to wear them. I'm really disappointed, they are the perfect size for popping in a tiny bag if your out on a night out and the colours are gorgeous if it wasn't for the fact they are sticky they would be great.

Has anyone else tried CK glosses? what did you think? 

Lots of Love

CF x x x


  1. they are soo cute love the colours!
    great blog now following!

  2. Ah, such a shame about the sticky-ness - and they look really cute too!

    Never tried CK glosses, to be honest, I didn't know they had anything like that out!

    - Char