Sunday, 6 May 2012

Burts Bees Grab Bag, ITS HERE!!!!!

Hi all,

I got a lovely surprise yesterday morning, I was woken up by my husband with 2 packages. One of which I just knew was my Burts Bees Grab Bag. I was so excited to get this, I love all their products so I just knew that I would be happy with whatever I got, and I was right. 

So everything came in a Burts Bees yellow paper bag like this, the bag was quite heavy so you could tell there was quite a few items in it.

First off I purchased this seperately as I needed one, its the lip shimmer in watermelon.

 How happy was I to find that they added not one but two of these in my grab bag and a rhubarb one. So I have 3 watermelons and a rhubarb, I am in lip balm heaven. This now means I can keep one in my bag one at work and one on my dressing table for getting ready in a morning. 

The lip balms came in this little tin which is so cute, and there was also this Burts Bees mini nail file which will certainly come in handy. This will be another one for my desk at work. These are full size and retail for £5.99

The next thing I got was a sample size of the Radiance night cream, looking forward to trying this out. It contains 7g of product, the full size is 57g and retails for £19.99. 

Next I got a sachet of Therapeutic bath crystals. These are to help relieve muscle ache after say a workout. The sachet is 44g, the full size comes in a jar with 450g and retails for £10.99

I also got a sample of conditioner and a sample of a shampoo bar.The shampoo is Rosemary mint, I love the smell of this, my son isn't so keen but I like anything minty. I can't find this product on their website so I am unsure of how much the full size costs. The bar is 22.7g.
The conditioner is the super shiny grapefruit and sugar beet I don't think it has much of a smell to it but its SLS, paraben and phthalate free which is great! I can't wait to give this a try. I have found my hair is in such better condition now after using SLS free products for a few weeks. The sample bottle is 28.5g, the full size is 340g and retails for £9.99

Next I got 2 radiance exfoliating body wash, I love body exfoliators and again this contains no nasties so I really am super excited to try these out. I currently don't own any body products that don't have sulphates etc in them so if these are good I will definitely be purchasing them again. The bottles contain 88.7ml of product, the full size contains 350ml and retails for £9.99.

Finally I got 2 body lotions, I can't find them on the website but I think they are full size, they are 235ml each and I got 1 thoroughly therapeutic honey and orange wax body lotion and 1 naturally nourishing milk and honey body lotion. They smell lush, especially the milk and honey, it absorbs into the skin really nicely and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or uncomfortable and you don't have to wait 5 minutes before putting your clothes on. As I said previously I can't see these on the website but I would estimate they cost £9.99 each.

As you can see this bag offers fantastic value for money, if you don't mind not knowing what your going to get then this bag would be great. You could purchase a few and give them as gifts. I know I would  be so happy to receive one of these as a present. 
I will do a review on individual products once I have given them a good go.

Hope you all enjoyed, if you do end up buying one let me know what you got in yours :-)

You can find all the gift sets and kits here on the Burts Bees website.

Lots of Love

CF x x

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