Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Vivo Cosmetics

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Second post of the day. I'm sure most people will have heard about Vivo cosmetics, they are being sold in Tesco and are proving to be extremely popular. They are super cheap but that doesn't mean that the quality isn't there. I purchased a few eye shadows a while ago. I got shade 10 golden leaf and shade 7 dusky pink, both are pearl shadows and are very pigmented and excellent value for only £1.50 for 3.8g of product. The packaging is very sleek and fairly sturdy, I couldn't see a problem taking this on your travels with you.

Dusky pink is...well a dusky pink colour, I don't think there is a better way to describe the colour than the name of the product.
Golden leaf is a very deep green, this colour is extremely pigmented I only had to lightly sweep my finger across the shadow once to get a really good amount of colour. 
Both shades blend really well and with a primer last for at least 6-8 hours without fading or creasing. I can't wait to try out some of the other colours in the range, and they do have alot of colours. 

 Taken without flash
Taken with flash

Today I popped into a Tesco that wasn't so local to me to my husband could go for a tinkle. Whilst I was in there I couldn't resist having a quick snoop in the make up section and I was in luck they had Vivo. I picked up 3 items, an eyeliner in black, an eyeliner in white and some eyelashes by the name of Feather Boa . They have feathers on them and were reduced to £1.00, I couldn't resist, I don't know when I will use them but they just looked so cute and will add to my collection of other bizarre lashes that I own that I will never find a suitable occasion to wear. 

I was really gutted when I went to the self service checkout to find that the white eyeliner wouldn't scan, the girl came over and told me as it wont scan they couldn't sell it to me. I told her it was fine but I'm sure the look on my face told her that I was devastated. I so wanted that eyeliner. So much so that I got my husband to drive me to another Tesco to find one and I did. Yay for me! I also picked up the radiance boost highlighter whilst in there. The only thing that bothers me about the Vivo section is people feel the need to open and test all the non tester items, even when there is a tester on display. I had to open 3 of the boxes to find one that hadn't been used. Grrrr come on people that's what the testers are for!!!!!

Both the eyeliners swatched are really creamy and the black is really dark, which I really like I often find with cheaper brands that the black is sort of wishy washy and if I'm wearing black liner I want it to be black so I'm really looking forward to trying this out. Again with the white, its very creamy in Constancy and hopefully when on my waterline it will make my eyes look wide awake even when i' knackered and sleep deprived.

The highlighter I'm a little concerned about, I haven't used it yet but trying to get the product onto the brush I had to click about 30 times and then it came out a little lumpy and really thick, I'm not sure if I have a duff one or if its supposed to be like that but I shall reserve judgement until I have tried it out properly. It seemed to blend out quite nicely on the back of my hand so we shall see. This only comes in one shade and does look a little dark for my very pale skin, I'm hoping when on my face it doesn't look as dark.

And for the lashes, clearly I haven't used these yet but what more can I say, just look at them sooooo cute :-) I love long lashes and I love feathers, perfect combo.

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