Saturday, 3 March 2012

Teeny Weeny Haul

Ok, so its been a while since I have done a post so I thought I would start off with a little haul I got today. My football mad husband went out and bought ANOTHER football shirt today so he gave me some money to go and treat myself. Naturally my first thought was make up, much to his disliking :-)

So I popped into town and headed for my favourite shop, It used to be a huge market stall but they moved into an actual shop a couple of years ago. They sell all the brands that you can find in Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams but at discounted prices. I only managed to pick up a few bits today because I had to rush because the other half was off to football. 

Here are the few things I picked up.

 From L-R Stargazer single eyeshadow in Caramel, Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enriched Foundation in shade 100 Ivory and Pout Eyeshadow duo in Miss Egypt.
Stargazer Shadow - £1.99
Foundation - £4.99
Pout Shadows - £2.99

I went in looking for a very neutral shade to use all over my lids, I wanted a matt shade but just couldn't make my mind up on one, then I spotted the rack of Stargazer shadows. I've never used this brand before or even swatched them in the shop due to the fact they are £1.99 and the packaging looking rather! But I have to say I was incredibly surprised by how creamy and pigmented the shadows were. I picked up this shade to use as a highlighter. Once blended in it looks absolutely beautiful. As I only purchased today I haven't had a chance to try it out so will do a review once I have used it for a while. If its as good on as it is swatched I will definitely be going back to purchase alot more of the other colours.

The second item I picked up was the Pout duo, I've had a foundation from this brand before and I hated it. I felt like I was wearing a mask and I hated the smell. However that didn't put me off having a look at the eyeshadows on offer. They have some beautiful duos in a wide range of colours. My Eyes went straight for this duo. They're both quite neutral shades which I love and they remind me of Urban Decay shadows. The first colour is so pigmented, its just gorgeous. Its very shimmery and I can't wait to try it, the second shade is VERY glittery and has some quite big chunks of glitter in it. I don't think I will get as much use out of the second shade due to the glitter but it will get used.

Swatches are in the order they are pictured above.

My third and final purchase was the Rimmel foundation. What I do like about this shop is the ladies who work there are all very knowledgable about all the products they sell and they are always happy to recommend a product for you or help find the right shade for you, unlike some places they don't go for the most expensive product and actually recommend something that would be best for you. Definitely thumbs up for that! Anyway I was browsing the foundation section and a lovely lady came over and asked me if I was looking for anything in particular, I told her I just wanted to try a new foundation and she called over another lady who would be the best person to advise me on this. I told her what I wanted and she recommended this one. I've never tried it before so looking forward to seeing what its like. From swatching on my hand it seems to blend nicely, not to keen on the smell but it doesn't seem to dry as quick as some others I have tried so you have time to blend the product on your face. Once I have used this I will also do a review.

 (Eurgh, excuse my very pale hand!!)

All in all i'm quite happy with my purchases and not bad for £10. I will be going out tomorrow to spend the rest of my money from him at Boots :-) 

Thanks for reading

Lots of Love

CM x x x

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