Monday, 13 August 2012

Cheap make up haul & review

Today I picked up a couple of bargains from the Poundshop. My local was quite well stocked today with lots of Sally Hansen, Revlon and Rimmel. I have plenty of nail polishes at the moment, most of which I don't even wear so I didn't pick any up although there were some beautiful ones that would have looked really good in my collection. I was strong and resisted. Go me, I am learning.

Heres what I snagged for the grand total of £5.00

As you can see from the swatches these are super sheer, these have been built up quite alot and they still don't have much colour to them. The pigmentation isn't all that great but they would probably be ok if your really pale and don't like too much colour. They are a little chalky but not as bad as some I have tried that have cost more than £1.00. These are also sold at Superdrug for £2.99, I wouldn't pay that much for these blushes even though £2.99 isn't a lot of money I have found other blushes that I think are much better for around the same price. For example the 17 one I picked up from Boots for £3.49

Next up I spotted this, I was a little surprised to see Bourjois in the Poundshop. I have never seen this brand in there before

They also had light and dark which I was really happy about as usually whenever I find something that I like they only have it in dark so its never suitable for my uber pale skin.

I actually rather like this, the roller ball is cooling on the eye area so would help with the puffiness and does disguise my circles quite well. Although mine aren't too dark. I have read a few reviews on this with people putting the concealer down and saying it doesn't cover spots very well. Its not that type of concealer it does state on the packaging that it is anti puffiness concealer. I think people should use products correctly before giving negative reviews. Just my opinion. Its definitely worth a try. I found it easy to apply, it doesn't put on too much product and it blends really well. Bargain for £1.00. I think I'll be popping back for a few back ups.

Finally we have this, I picked this up purely for the packaging as it was so cute. I'll be honest and say I did not know what it was when I purchased it, I figured it would either be a highlighter or a blush. How adorable is that polka dot packaging?

The product itself is also pretty good.

Its a real bubblegum/ barbie pink when you first apply it but it blends out so well to give a more subtle pink colour if required. Technic are a brand I have heard of before but never really paid any attention to. I know there was a lot of buzz recently about a glitter nail polish but I couldn't find it anywhere near me. This is beautiful though. I absolutely love it and again will be popping back to pick up a few back ups. My local Poundworld always runs out of the good products fairly quickly and never gets anymore in. 

All in all I like my purchases, a little disappointed with the pigmentation of the blush but I can't expect too much for £1 the real gems though are the concealer and Technic I love them and they will definitely be the new addition to my everyday make up bag.

Have you found any Poundshop bargains?

Lots of Love

CF x x x

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