Friday, 10 August 2012

17 Purchase

I popped into Boots today to pick up a new blusher, not that I needed another one but I wanted something a little more pink than the others I have. I've seen a couple of reviews on these so I picked one up. 

I got this in the shade In Bloom, it has two very different pink shades.

The blush is not chalky at all and is quite soft considering the price of £3.99. It does blend quite nicely and leaves a lovely flushed look to your cheeks. Its exactly what I was looking for colour wise. 

Secondly I spotted this little beauty

IT CHANGES COLOUR!!!! Ok so its really gimmicky but I'm a sucker for anything like this. The polish goes on a silvery lilac colour but when you put a top coat on it it turns a darkish purple colour. It really does work too. I'm not overly sure on the point if I'm honest as I would say most people would put a top coat on there nails anyway, I know I do so I really would never get the chance to benefit from the lighter shade apart from the first ten minutes of applying when its drying but hey ho. I really like the brush and the formulation. I found that one coat and my nails were covered nicely and it didn't take too long to dry.

The left is the colour it goes on straight from the bottle and the right is after a top coat. Apologies for the awful picture my camera just did not want to take a photo of my nails today. I love both the colours, before and after and I think I'll just have a great deal of fun watching my nails change colour. Small things and all that!

So these two rather lovely items came to £7.48 and Boots currently have an offer on, if you spend over £5.99 you get a free gift.

The gift contained a lip gloss, eyeshadow and a cream blush. 

I love the shadow, its so pretty and its one I will definitely wear. I'm loving my nudes at the moment. My  husband won tickets to the Leeds Festival in a couple of weeks so this will be perfect for taking with me and I wont mind if it gets smashed up with it costing me nothing.

The lipgloss is also nice, I swatched it on my hand and it looks quite bronze and I cannot pull off bronze lipglosses they just wash me out really badly but it goes on your lips a really nice nude colour and it looks quite nice.

The cream bronzer unfortunately is the dud of the box in my opinion. It says on the box to use it to contour. I have no idea where they got this from. I would never use this to contour it looks like a really sheer orange colour and I just cannot see how this would look nice if you used it to contour. I may be wrong but I wont be trying it out. But considering it was free I can't complain too much. I'm sure I can find another use for it.

All in all I'm happy with my purchases and considering I was expecting to pay around £7/£8 for a blush I think I got a pretty good deal, all this for £7.48! (+ an extra 100 boots points for buying two 17 products)

Lots of Love 

CF x x

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  1. would love to try out the bronze set:)

    Sara xx