Saturday, 15 October 2011

(very) tiny Boots haul :-)

Hi Everyone,

I had £5 left on a Boots gift card so decided to pop in and use it up before it burns a hole!

I'm always after looking for budget foundations which stand up to more expensive brands, sadly I haven't been able to find any as of yet.  I've found a few that are ok but nothing that stands out so I thought that I would have a look at a cheap foundation.

I headed over to the Boots 17 section and noticed that they were doing buy 2 17 products and get a free gift so I thought why not!

I got the skin perfecting shine free foundation in natural costing £3.69 (currently £2.00 off) and the instant glow highlight and bronze powder costing £3.59 (currently £1.00 off) total cost for  2 products was £7.28 less the £5.82 I had on my gift card meant my total spend from me was £1.46 - bargain!!!

For purchasing the two products I also got the Femme Noir Box which I thought was nothing special but I was pleasntly surprised when I got home and opened it, it included a glitter eyeshadow in night sky (a dark silvery colour with lots of glitter) a liquid eyeliner in black and a lipgloss in very berry. I thought the eyeliner was a mascara so was made up when it was an eyeliner as I currently have about a billion mascaras on the go, I also thought the lipgloss was going to be way too dark for me but that also surpised me, its a very buildable colour and you can have it so its just a nice touch of colour on your lips or a really dark purply red colour if you prefer, lovely! The final item is gorgeous, I love it and will be wearing it over the Christmas period, its a gorgeous silver with lots of glitter, it looks alot more glittery in the pan and is a lot more subtle on your eyes but its very a buildable colour. 

All in all I think it was a rather succesful trip and i'm more than happy with my purchases. Once i've tried them all out I will put a review of each product up.

See you all soon and have a great weekend.

Lots of  Love CF x x x

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